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Why Typing Bolt?

Pretty simple, we want you not to look into Keyboard for typing!

Typing Bolt is your online typing tutor that helps you learn touch typing with the help of Bolt AI. Bolt AI is what powers our website and it is the same reason Typing Bolt is so special. Bolt is an Artificial Intelligent engine which studies typing patterns and tracks user levels using multiple unique algorithms. Using this engine typing bolt could provide a customized typing course for each user.

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Powered by Bolt AI

Bolt AI just knows what you want without asking

Optimized Words For Each User

Bolt AI measures each user's keystroke dynamics and keeps track deeply about each user's typing pattern. On the basis of this data Bolt AI generates words putting emphasis on the users weakest keys at a particular time. The more troubles you have with a particular key, the more you will be typing it.

Automatically Adjusting Difficulty Levels

Typing Bolt doesn't use the outdated method of repeating the same letter over and over again. Instead, it uses a smart algorithm which provides real readable and pronounceable words to the users for typing.The difficulty of the words is controlled automatically by the Bolt AI by analyzing your typing skills. Once the user reaches a particular skill level the Bolt AI will optimize the words even including special characters for high-level users.

Smart Adaptive UI

A completely User Customisable UI to type without looking the keyboard

Smart Beginner Friendly UI

The UI contains every element for a beginner to type without looking the keyboard. It even shows which finger must be used to type each letter. The active virtual keyboard guides a beginner by showing which character to type. At the same time, the user interface could also be customized for a skilled typist.

Real Time Analytics Reports

Real time statistics of your performance is updated after each sentence you type. The graphical representation of your performance helps you understand your current skill level and it is also a motivation to keep working to get better results